Fixed Income Investments is a resource to provide information, ideas, comment and a community discussion forum covering fixed income securities for fixed income investors. The site was founded in 2009 by Mark Taber who has maintained it to this day alongside his bondholder activism and campaigning.

Coverage includes a wide range of fixed income securities such as subordinated bonds, preference shares, PIBS (Permanent Interest Bearing Shares) issued by UK banks, building societies and insurers as well as retail bonds and corporate bonds with a focus on high yield and distressed situations. The site will be developed over time with the aim of becoming a comprehensive online resource for investors researching fixed income investment opportunities. I hope you find it useful and will visit regularly, join in the discussion and become part of the Fixed Income Investments community.

PLEASE NOTE: The Fixed Income Investments website is currently being moved to this platform as part of an upgrade including the addition of a new Fixed Income Discussion Board. The new discussion board is fully functional so please register to join the Fixed Income Investments community.

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