Click to view the links below for tables of prices, coupons, yields and key details for Permanent Interest Bearing Shares (PIBS), Perpetual Subordinated Bonds (PSBs), Preference Shares, Corporate Bonds, Retail Bonds and other fixed income securities.

Price, runnings yield, yield to maturity and other information (including bond prospectuses where available) can be viewed for each security. Please note that prices and yields (where available) are displayed and updated based on prices from the London Stock Exchange and German bond exchanges. All prices are indicative and should not be relied upon. Please contact your broker for dealing prices.

PIBS & Perpetual Subordinated Bonds Prices, Yields & Details

Finance Sector Sterling Preference Shares Prices, Yields & Details

Bank Preferred Securities – USD denominated

Non-Finance Sector Preference Shares Details & Prices

Retail bonds listed on London Stock Exchange Order Book for Retail Bonds

Corporate bonds (coming soon)

Fixed income exchange traded funds (coming soon)

Insurance Company Subordinated Bonds Prices, Yields & Details (coming soon)